Monday, May 25, 2015

Sunshine Resort in Matabungkay, Batangas

It's our first out of town together but we didn't much have time to prepare and we're working on a budget so our options are very limited, I came across an article from the blog site : Boy Lakwatsero about the resorts and other options we have if we choose to stay at Matabungkay, it's where I saw Sunshine Hotel and Resort. His article about the resort was just brief and the resorts FB page is not updated so we were kinda hesitant at first, the pics from the blog were nice however were not sure if it's updated. Another reason why we had second thoughts about Matabungkay is because of the article from another blogger: poor traveler. He wrote about how littered the beach has become and there were pictures that clear shows how littered the place is.

Regardless,we chose to stay at Sunshine Hotel & Resort.

My Verdict?   5/5 ^___^

Venue - 5/5

we rented 2 rooms for an overnight stay, 1 big room for the boys and 1 small room for the girls, they charged us Php7,500 ( but they gave us 500 discount when we arrived). They didn't ask for deposit, but they reserved the rooms for us, we just kept on checking on them and making sure that the reservation is ok. The pool was clean and look very shallow, but really there's a part that's very deep lol, The whole resort is very neat, clean and well maintained.

Staff- 5/5

they have the nicest staff, we talked to Ate Lucy, she's the one who reserved the rooms for us and gave us instructions how to get there. All the staff were very friendly, nice, accommodating and they gave us the liberty to have fun,  we were loud because its the first time were all able to go on an out of town trip together but they didn't bother, we didn't hear anything from them. There was even a time when we went out for group pic at the beach,we were too excited we forgot about the food, we just rushed to the beach lol, Kuya guard cover the pots for us, he said he covered for food safety reasons.

Beach-  3/5
 it's not perfect but It's not that bad.

** if you want to go on snorkeling or paddling, look for Kuya Michael ( wasn't able to get his last name or contact number),he offers the best deal and he's really nice, hindi sya opportunista :) . He's usually at the beach, the tattoo artist in the beach is his cousin. He offered us water paddling for Php100/ pax with snorkling and Php150/ pax for snorkling using motorized boat. The rafts was offered to us by an agent from the resort for Php1,000 we didn't use it because the rest of the team preferred saying at the pool.

I can send you more pics , shoot me an email  :

Xoxoxo, iCe

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